Homemade fresh Pasta in 2 steps


I love Italy, its food, music, culture…oh, i think this list could go forever! 😉

My “special” connection to Italy started 4 years ago now, when I met my partner in crime, Paolo. 🙂

Here my homage to Guccini´s songs, beautiful Toscany, mamma´s homemade fresh pasta and a glas of any delicious italian wine! Take me back NOW to this paradise!

As simple as it seems but overwhelming tasty- basic pasta dough:

  • 100 gr. (for each person) all-purpose flour
  • 1 egg (for each person) 
  • Salt
  • Water

Build a pile made out of flour and in the center, make a hole with your fingers. Add the eggs in the hole and a pinch of salt. Use a fork to mix, first the eggs and then, the flour. Now it is time to knead your dough. If it is too sticky, you might need to add some more flour. Contrary, you should check if it needs some more liquid.

Are you patient? 🙂 Then let your dough rest for at least 30 minutes wrapped in plastic. I think half an hour would be enough.

Cut your dough into 4 small pieces and roll each to a 2/ 3 centimetres thick. Use a pasta maker to roll your pieces inside. We will be doing fettuccine so you will use the numbers 0-5/ 6.  Be careful by doing this step! It requieres love and patience or someone that does it for you, like in my case 🙂

Once you are satisfied with the thickness of your fresh pasta, go for the last step: let it slice by using the fettuccine section of your pasta maker. Ed ecco, fatto!

Now boil up some water & add some salt. They will be cooked super quickly (less than 2 minutes for sure, maybe 1 and a half?). It is better that you already have everything prepared on your table :-).

Buon appetito!






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