Good morning from Germany!

I got up today morning and went out on the balcony and this chilly breeze in Würzburg reminded me of my USA/ Canada trip 2016. It was damn cold. Really! No, not today in Germany but I am sure we will start freezing soon 🙂

Canada was the next stop after Baltimore and Chicago. Around 700 miles road trip… quite relaxing, though. I loved the feeling of being on a highway while having coffee seating on a spacious vehicle. In Europe (specially in Germany, where there are sometimes no speed limits), driving is about going as fast as possible from a place to another and rarely, enjoying the drive.



After 8 hours drive I was not that happy but …:-)


We made it 6 days later to Canada. From Chicago to Niagara Falls. An awful road trip. I had never seen so much rain at once in my whole life :S

These are some of the impressions awaiting for you if you plan to visit the Niagara Falls.


I felt quite disappointed despite the enormous waterfalls and its beauty. The whole area surrounding was kind of Disneyland: lots of souvenirs shops, restaurants specially made for tourists. A pity. There´s something i would have loved to do: boot trip on the river. Unfortunately, boot tours begin in mid-april so I could not make it.

After 2 nights in Canada, we crossed the border again to USA. We travelled on train from Buffalo to N.Y. Incredibly beautiful countrysides! Take a look 🙂


I've got a ticket to ride #traintrip #usa2016

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You can remember my fav spots in N.Y in this post:


Last stop of my 3 weeks trip was: Washington. The D.C was a huge surprise! Georgetown district is a lovely area with lots of nice shops! To not miss in your visit. And of cos, plan some days for museums. They are all really worthy and fortunately, free! 🙂




For foodies: don´t leave Washington without enjoying delicious seafood! My recommendation:



And you? Have you ever been to the D.C/ Niagara Falls/ Chicago/ N.Y? 🙂

Have a nice saturday! 🙂





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