Verona and its sourroundings

2013-11-07 12.11.00.jpg

Ciao a tutti! Another post about travelling. Today back to bella Italia again! 🙂

This beautiful place you see over here is Marcemigo, in province Verona. Located 26 km from Verona (Veneto), you still can enjoy the countryside while staying reasonably near to the city. The tower on the left belongs to the luxury Villa de Winckels, which dates from to 12th century.

I would recommend to stay at this Villa and enjoy a delicious meal at its locanda.

What to do in the sourrounding area? Take a look 🙂 You can access these spots by foot!


If you like hiking, do not miss the chance to plan -at least- one day for going up to Cima Carega (Gruppo della Carega) Piccole Dolomiti, in province Trentino. From Marcemigo to Giazza (Rifugio Boschetto, where the hiking route begins) it is only 17 km away.You can choose within the many hiking routes described along the paths. This one will take you circa 2 or 2:30 hours (for climbing up there and then calculate 2 or 2:30 for descending), depending on how fast you are. It took us 2 hours :S but it was kind of a rush… take your time to enjoy the landscapes!


You can plan your excursion so that you end up eating some yummy dishes later on. Rifugio Boschetto offers traditional “mamma”food dishes 🙂 perfect, after 4 hours hiking! Pic: Polenta and venison goulash


Nearby, you might have the chance to observe some alpacas :).  I did not… since they were probably sleeping 🙂


Let’s start:

1st station after leaving behind”Rifugio Boschetto”is “Rifugio Alpino Revolto”, 1336 m.


After a while, you will see right far away the previous “Rifugio”. Keep going 🙂 it’s the right path 😀




DSCN5503.jpgDSCN5490.jpgMade it! Despite some sections of the hiking route might be somehow harsh to accomplish, the views are so worthy…

Arrived at last station: “Rifugio Fraccaroli”, 2230 m. Enjoy a cold bier like we did 🙂 better  in summer time, though 🙂


Hope you liked today’s post! I will be preparing another post about the city of Verona. Let me know if you would find it interesting.

see you,




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