Korea trip (IV)

Hey you! Welcome back again to a new chapter of my korean trip.

After spending a few days in Seoul, our next destination was Pohang: an industrial city located on the coast (Sea of Japan). If you are planning to visit South Korea, you can skip this city trip 🙂 The city itself is quite awful (I am sorry for this…) but here the good news: there are amazing places nearby like these:



That night, we enjoyed a traditional dinner at a former korean Hanok (house/ home) which was converted into a restaurant some time ago. Do you see all the little dishes on the table? 🙂


That was Pohang: 5 days of experiencing some weird stuff. Specially, I will always remember the day I got lost downtown trying to figure out where the bus would take me 🙂

Once in a lifetime, you should experience this feeling: it might seem frustrating but it is also inspiring and gives you freedom.

Next stop {and the last one, before catching the flight back to Germany} was Busan. 500 km away from Seoul, on the coast as well, this city is well-known as a tourist destination in summertime for korean people. Let’s say that Busan could be compared to Salou/ Torrevieja for Spaniards and Mallorca for Germans & English in terms of tourism 🙂

Busan was a great end for an unforgettable trip. Besides hiking tours, fish markets (you will find there the biggest fish market in South Korea), fireworks festival, love motel (let’s talk about that in the next post ^^)…etc. I had the best sushi ever!



More soon…:)



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