Goings on About … Burgos, Spain

Hi everybody!

Today’s post is kind of special to me, since I am writing about my birthplace: Burgos.

Where * the… is this city supposed to be? Well, you might probably have heard about Basque Country, so let me tell you that Burgos province is located right next to the basque province of Alava (famous for its renowned Rioja red wines). Now you follow me, right? 🙂

If you like hiking while discovering nature, meeting new people and experiencing spanish history, you might feel attracted by the idea of travelling to Santiago de Compostela on one of its most typical and ancient routes: Camino de Santiago. So Burgos would come anyhow into your way as every single pilgrimage route passes through my city.

I am not here to advertise my city, not at all. After this tiny introduction as “mis en place”, we can begin eating the main courses :).

This is my “Burgos”and I am glad to share it with you. Maybe you get some ideas for a new trip inspired by my fav spots? 🙂




El paseo del Espolón


La Catedral from Paseo de la Isla


My family walking around without noticing my pics…:)


Las Huelgas (old village which now belongs to Burgos city) Check this monument out:



Enjoy an authentic castilian meal at Casa Azofra





This endless sky… it makes me feel free! Love it.


I hope you liked it!

Thanks for being there!



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